Twin Creek Farms LLC is located in beautiful Northwestern Michigan.  We are 45 minutes of Grand Rapids, MI and the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.  The original family farm still operates as a beef cattle operation on the west side of the farm property, while our Equine Reproductive Facility is on the far east side of the farm.  We do have "twin creeks" that irrigate our pastures and paddocks, giving us green, rolling hills for most of the year.

At Twin Creek Farms LLC, we have built and work hard to provide a facility and environment where our clients' horses are healthy and happy.  We limit our personal horses to 1 or 2, so that we can focus our energy on our clients' horses and their breeding programs.  Our facility is designed that stallions, mares and young horses are cared for and handled professionally, yet they spend as much time outside in the pastures and paddocks as possible.  Our facility breeds more outside mares of all breeds, than any other facility in the state of Michigan.  We can maintain a stallion in show condition, yet at the same time allow him to be a natural horse - which in turn, makes him a more fertile, happy breeding horse.  Mares on pasture board, have large safe loafing sheds and are kept in small groups, where they feel comfortable and safe - allowing them to settle in quicker and have more productive heat cycles.  Foaling mares come into stalls at night and are turned out in pairs or small groups with other foaling mares who are due to foal at the same time.  Mares with foals also come in to stalls each night.  Each mare and foal is led in and out with their own handler each day, as well as additional foal handling, making them a joy for our owners to take back home.  Our breeding area allows us to bring foals in with their dams for breeding, so they do not have to be separated which creates a more peaceful and safe environment.

Our facility consists of two barns with 21 indoor stalls.  Our foaling stalls and some of our stallion stalls have large 2 x 3 windows, which keep our barns very light, peaceful and well-ventilated.  All stalls have rubber matted floors and automatic waters.  We have a large breeding and stallion collection area, well-equipped breeding laboratory with frozen semen storage.  Our breeding area and barn aisles are rubber coated for the safety and comfort of the horses.  We have staff present 24 hours a day and if needed, we have two veterinary clinics within a 20 minute drive.  Visitors are welcome Monday through Saturday by appointment.

Located on 120 acres of rolling hills, surrounded by a quiet Amish community Stallion barn with 12x12 stalls, each with an automatic waterer and large window 24x36 Breeding area with rubber flooring, complete with modern breeding laboratory and frozen semen storage area

Two mare barns with 12x12 matted stalls and automatic waterers Several large pastures and paddocks with large run-in sheds for visiting mares Large, individual stallion turnouts for grazing